Walhonding Hills Campground

32236 TR 364*Walhonding, Ohio 43843*740-824-4575

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Our miles of trails winding through the hills and valleys of our 254-acre facility are what set us apart from the rest of the campgrounds in Ohio. Over 60 acres are set aside for your enjoyment on your rail buggy, dirt bike or ATV.

Groomed trails wind through the area offering easy riding for the children or beginner to the most challenging hill climbs for the more experienced riders and drivers.

 A relaxing 9-˝ mile per hour cruise through the camp areas to your site, your friends site, or to the store, to buy fuel for your toys is also enforced.

If you want to hot rod your toys head for the trails scattered about the facility, there are a lot of them.


Safety First:


We encourage safe riding and have to enforce some rules for everyone’s benefit.

The hot summer days often end with nighttime trail riding when it’s cooler.

Night riding is fun with well-lighted vehicles. It is pretty safe when you can see opposing traffic even better in the woods than in daylight.

It is recommend you get yourself familiar with the grounds before wandering off at night.

You can get lost in these trails, and you can get hurt. We rely on our customers using good judgment and acting responsibly for the enjoyment of all.

There are 4 year olds out riding with 60 year olds, and everyone in between, please ride/drive accordingly. Keep it fun for all!


















Home Amenities Offroading Location Contacts Rates/Rules Buggy Boys Photos